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Love in my heart
mommy & me shooting 















They say that there is no love than the love between a mother and her child. 

As a mom of a wonderful daughter myself I really feel this. It is a love so deep that it is beyond any words. 

It is so big and precious, it is marvellous and growing each and every day. 

It is the most wonderful gift, the most beautiful thing we will ever experience in our life.


 Our children bring us so much joy and we just thrive every day with their love. 

Watching them grow fills us with so much pride, joy and happiness.

Every moment feels so special and wonderful to us and of course we try to capture it all. But every so often we are missing in those pictures of our precious time together.


My aim during a Mommy&Me session is to capture YOU mommy, with all your love and tenderness that you feel for your little love to create memories that you do not only love looking back at but also hold dearly, cherish and feel deeply within your heart. 


I will create memories for yourself and for your children to remember those moments of love shared together where your eyes lit up with joy love and happiness when you were looking at each other.


I will capture you being a loving and deeply loved mom just the way you really are with all the love and sweetness that unfolds in front of my camera. 

This being sad you can just be yourself and enjoy your child with all of your heart 

because this is all that really matters to create everlasting memories.


This results in totally natural and wonderfully authentic looking photographs that will make you remember not only your children with all their smiles, giggles, love and sweetness but also yourself being with them, enjoying and loving them with all your heart.






Props and accessories are provided by me. 


If needed some babies clothes in various sizes as well as some little girl dresses can be provided 

out of my clients wardrobe (for studio sessions only).

I also have a nice and very flattering wardrobe accessible for you, mommy 

(for studio sessions only).


My style is organic timeless and soft where natural components such as wooden props and dried grasses and flowers, neutral color tones, such as cream white and beige are the base of all my setups. Those color tones are very pleasing to the eye and remain always beautiful in themselves but upon request a variety of either pastel or bold vintage tones can be added to these soft natural base tones.





NOW...time flies by so so fast and there is always so much to do and no time for anything... I feel you mommy
but our little ones will not be little for ever
so just breathe and take your time to make your own memories last for evermore




I will document your love story as it unfolds in front of my camera capturing every sweet moment , lovely smile and tender gesture while making you feel loved comfortable and beautiful. 

There is no stress involved and sessions can be everywhere in between 1-2 hours. 




As I always say: it is all about love in my photos so just smile and bring a lot of it.


This being said, for indoor shootings, a matching outfit for you and your little one harmonising with my base colours (cream and beige) is always the right choice to make your pictures really stand out. 

For outdoor shootings, a matching outfit harmonising with the location scenery goes a long way for making your pictures turn out even more perfectly.

A nice manicure is also important since your hands will be holding and tenderly touching your child.





Relax, breathe, be yourself and bring a lot of love 


everything will just be fine. 


Every child and every person is different and no session is like the one before but every and each 

one of them is absolutely wonderful. 

Some children love and need to be cuddled to thrive and feel safe while other’s love to explore the world with you by their side.

Always remember every child is perfect and unique on their own and we will work with what they are willing to give us and turn it into something beautiful to remember for evermore.






Now is the time where my vision truly comes to life by editing your pictures into the sweet love story I saw behind my lens.


To match my style portrayed here on my website I alter the colours accordingly to my artistic needs and clean babies skin only and solely from all the fleeting imperfections that may have occurred (baby acne, redness,…birth marks as any inherited signs will not be removed since they are a part of your babies cute and unique features) and of course I also give mommy and daddy a little love without changing or altering what is given to you by nature. 


I will carefully make a selection of every sweet and lovely picture to edit and discard the ones that are not up to my artistic and professional standards. (Only edited (!) .jpg files will be provided)

There is a minimum of 20 digital images guaranteed, which will be edited simultaneously in colour and black and white. 


I will also be setting up your private and password protected online gallery for which you will get a link to download all your edited pictures once they are ready.


Albums and prints can be ordered separately at additional costs after the shooting.

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