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hi there, nice to meet you

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So, this is me, the face behind the camera, 

my favorite place to make magic happen.


I am happily married and the mommy of the most wonderful little girl on earth.

She is my deepest love, my muse, my ‘evermore’. 

Walking by her side, magic found its way back in my life, forcing me to behold the love, 

tenderness and beauty that shines underneath the ordinary of our everyday life.


 I truly believe that every short, lovely moment 

we are spending together with our loved ones turns into a precious memory,  

a memory worth remembering in the most magical way there is: a photograph. 

And this is where I come in:


As a photographer, I see myself as a true memory maker, 

a storyteller always on the lookout for love and affection 

but also for realness, the messy, the wild, the laughter and all the happy giggles in between. 

So, if you long for a little bit of magic to brighten up your everyday life 

then show me who you love unconditionally 

and let me turn your wonderful story into the most beautiful memories 

which you can hold onto dearly and cherish for evermore.


It would be so lovely to meet you



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